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Billy Helps Make “Sound” Connections with Customers


Event Planner Maria Cabrera, CMP, comments on Billy’s presentation to Unitron’s customers in May.

At Unitron, our customers are hearing healthcare professionals who care deeply about making a difference in the lives of people with hearing loss. We meet with our customers several times a year, speaking on subjects related to audiology, as well as introducing new products and technologies we have developed. In our latest series of meetings we wanted to do something beyond the basic PowerPoint and technical presentation. We were seeking a way to make a connection with our customers on another level—a means through which we could move and touch them emotionally. We felt that Billy’s presentation was something to which they could all relate, especially since it had everything to do with [musical] sound.

Billy’s message is about not giving up. He encourages people to take the first steps, to realize and overcome their disconnection with the world. The people that Unitron’s customers serve are struggling with hearing loss. Billy’s gave our customers information they can use time and again in their service to them.

We wanted to start and finish our meeting on a strong note. We asked Billy to speak at the end of the day, closing out a series of business presentations with the idea that people would leave feeling much more relaxed and refreshed. Billy is very charming and fun. He has a way of loosening people up after a long day of lectures—he is not your ordinary speaker; he is unique and inspiring.

Receiving responses like “This is the best event we’ve ever attended!” tells me how much our customers enjoyed Billy’s presentation. In a very saturated and competitive market like ours, this is a huge compliment. We look forward to having him back again next month.