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Mark your Calendar for Spirit of Success Summit

Spirit of Success
Spirit of Success

Every business begins with an idea inspired by someone who dreams of something better. The founder, whoever he or she is, has a passion to make it happen, no matter what. Eventually that dream turns into something bigger and more visible. Other people get involved, things are created and life is improved by the founder’s idea. As the business evolves, it becomes recognized for what it does and the people who make it happen while the passion that created the business continues to motivate it forward.

The better the idea, the more passionate and persistent the vision, the greater the number of people who connect with the business as it grows. While on course, a business hums along pretty well on its own. However, when something in life disrupts its progress, such as a shift in the economy or a change in needs, the business relies on its founder’s vision, passion and commitment to renegotiate its pathway to success.

The inspiration at the heart of business is a critical resource. It is a steadying force especially during changing times. Simply translated, the word “inspiration” means “in spirit”. Spirit is a renewable resource that fuels an organization’s ability to deliver on its promise into the future. In a time when the cost of employment is high and jobs are limited, there is far too much at stake to take business spirit for granted.

Spirit of Success was created for and by business owners and leaders who believe small business success is the solution to a stalled economy. They are ready to renew their passion for business and, in the process, align and inspire their teams. Billy McLaughlin, Harvey Mackay  and Joan Steffend are among a select group of spirited speakers who will be joined by hundreds of business leaders and entrepreneurs for the Spirit of Success Summit, which will be held Oct. 17 at the Doubletree in Bloomington, Minn. Register to attend, prepare to be inspired and discover how to:

  • Advance your business regardless of challenge or change.
  •  Practice the art of reinvention to avoid setbacks and eliminate roadblocks
  • Transform your vision and values into a company culture that inspires your team to achieve amazing results.